For a few years now, I’ve been picking a word to focus on. In 2014, when it seemed life was throwing every curveball at me, I chose persistence. In 2015, after struggling to let go of some deep wounds, I chose forgiveness. These words became part of my everyday life. I read books, completed bible studies, and made goals all centered around my chosen word.

This year, I chose the word Brave. And so far, it’s been probably the hardest word I’ve ever chosen. Because here we are, just a few weeks from being halfway through 2019, and I can count the number of ‘Brave’ things I’ve done this year on one finger. And the number of opportunities I let slip through my fingers because I was scared…well I don’t have enough fingers or toes to count those.

I recently read a book called “Do It Scared” by Ruth Soukup. I highly recommend it–I mean even the title itself is motivating. I know there are so many others out there like me with big dreams being limited by their fears. And learning about how they’ve managed to break through those barriers–how they’re doing it anyways. My sister-in-law is chasing her lifelong dream of starting her own bakery. My brother has told me that she’s worried–will this work? am I good enough?.

But despite that, she’s doing it anyways.

It’s time for me to do it anyways. To be brave. I so often allow my bad health, my challenging day job, and my lack of confidence in my abilities to limit me. And it’s got to stop. I’ve got to just do it anyways.

So that’s what this post is–me stepping out and putting it in writing. It’s time to put my nose to the grind and get to work. To hit publish on Starry Knight. To revise the sequel and publish that too. To finish and revise the sweet romance and young adult series I’ve started. And to put myself out there–my writing, my sewing, my dreams, my hopes, my life. To do it despite being afraid and not feeling well. To do it despite my overwhelming urge to just crawl into bed and close myself off from the world.

Yes, I’m scared. But I’m going to be brave anyways.

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Carrie Lynn Thomas